Sunday, June 9, 2013

2011 Volkswagen Bulli Concept

Volkswagen is offering a second conceptual redux of its popular Microbus with this, the Bulli concept.
(The first being the 2001 Volkswagen Microbus Concept)
Tthe full slate of new-age technology is on hand, 
including an Apple iPad that controls all infotainment functions, 
mated to a Fender USA-designed premium audio system. 
The new VW Bus would have an electric engine option. 
The study envisions an 85kW (115 horsepower) engine, 
with lithium-ion batteries covering a 200km range. 
The retro bus would reach a top speed of 140 km/h (87 mph) 
with 0-100 in a modest 11.5 seconds.
Volkswagen says that the van can be fully charged in less than one hour.
In 2012, VW has gone on record saying that the
Bulli concept van is not currently planned for production.





(Photos from

(Above L) 2011 VW Bulli Concept               (Above R) 1960s VW Microbus

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