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1985 Citroën BX 4TC

Citroën entered Group B rallying with the BX in 1986. The specially designed rally BX was called the BX 4TC and bore little resemblance to the standard BX. Built by Heuliez, it had a very long nose because the engine (a turbo-charged 2.2-liter from Simca-Chrysler four cylinders) was mounted longitudinally unlike in the regular BX. The engine was downsleeved to 2,141.5 cc (from 2,155 cc) to stay under the three-litre limit after FIA's multiplication factor of 1.4 was applied. The rally version of the BX also featured the unique hydropneumatic suspension, and the five-speed manual gearbox from Citroën SM. Because of the Group B regulations, 200 street versions of the 4TC also had to be built, with a 200 PS (147 kW) at 5,250 rpm version of the N9TE engine.

The 4TC was not successful in World Rally Championship competition, its best result being a sixth place in the 1986 Swedish Rally. The 4TC only participated in three rallies before the Group B class was banned in late 1986, following the death of Henri Toivonen in his Lancia Delta S4 at the Tour de Corse Rally. Already discouraged by the car's poor performance in motorsport and the demise of Group B, Citroën was only able to sell 62 road-going 4TCs; build quality and reliability problems led Citroën to buy back many of these 4TCs for salvage and destruction. With only a fraction of the original examples remaining, the 4TC is now highly sought-after. (wikipedia)

This particular copy of the Citroën BX 4TC was kept by Heuliez in his conservatory. Body in excellent condition, with impeccable interior. It showed 1036 km on the odometer. This copy had two characteristics: first, the car was once hand assembled by students at Lycée Professionnel body of Niort. Secondly, to distinguish it from other models, it was painted black. Performance: 220 km / h and 0 to 100 km / h in 7.5 seconds. It went on sale on July 7 2012 by Artcurial. Sold for €32,167. (wikipedia)

The BX 4TC had a very long nose because the engine (a turbo-charged 2.2-liter from Simca-Chrysler four cylinders) was mounted longitudinally unlike in the regular BX.

Below (Top): Citroën BX 4TC           (Bottom): Citroen BX GTi 16-Litres (1987-89)

Citroën BX 4TC Evo Rally Car

Citroën has built 20 models Evolution BX 4TC. The 4TC EVO had a similar engine as that of 4TC, with the only difference in the turbocharger (KKK type K26) 18 Psi at additional pressure. The engine spinning up to 8000 rev / min, maximum power of 380 hp at 7000 rev / min and maximum torque of 253 Nm at 5500 r / min. With the exception of the two models, which have been preserved (in the collection of Citroen and Hammel), 18 others were likely written off or broken. (

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