Thursday, June 6, 2013

Amphicar 770 (1961-68)

The German vehicle was designed by Hanns Trippeland manufactured by the Quandt Group.Advertised as “The Sportscar that Swims,” Amphicars were primarily marketed in the United States. In 1961, the Amphicar was aimed squarely at the burgeoning American leisure market. Its concept was devoid of utility, but it was undeniably fun and brought a swarm of onlookers each time it splashed into the water. It was the first mass produced amphibious vehicle for the civilian market. 

Powered by a 70 cubic inch, 43 horsepower Triumph Herald motor, and propelled by a Hermes 4-speed transmission, the car achieved a top speed of 70 mph on land. On water, a two-speed transmission communicates both forward and reverse to twin nylon propellers to provide a top speed of 7 knots. And these speeds combined to give the car, a steel-hulled hunk that was deemed unsinkable, its official model designation of 770. The Amphicar Corporation's operations ceased in 1968 after production of 3,878 units (



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