Wednesday, June 12, 2013

2001 Volvo SCC Concept

The Volvo Safety Concept Car (SCC) made its debut at the Detroit Motor Show in 2001.
The distinctive rear end of the concept featured a hatch inspired by the Volvo P1800ES. 
It was an experimental car with an incredible array of innovative safety technologies,
including a sensor that identifies the location of the driver's eyes. 
The seat then automatically adjusts to suit the position of the eyes 
so that the driver obtains the best possible field of vision. 
To improve visibility, the driver can see through the windscreen's supporting pillars. 
A radar unit that detects blind spots and alerts the driver. 
Rearward-facing cameras integrated into the door mirrors 
can show the driver what is in the blind spot behind. 
An infrared light enhancer boosts nighttime vision. 
A forward-facing camera monitors the position of the car on the road 
and alerts the driver if there is any tendency to veer off course. 
The brake lights flash to alert following traffic in harsh brake application.
Design elements from the car were later used in the Volvo C30 which went into production in 2007.


Volvo P1800ES (1972-74)

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