Sunday, June 9, 2013

2011 Panzani Design’s Vintage GT

The base is that of the Jaguar S-Type-R that has the baddest of the range Jaguar engine, 
the V8 4.2 credited with almost 300 hp.
All decked out in matte gray and called the Vintage GT.
The Italian tuner Panzani Design has given the retro Jag saloon 
such up-to-date features as 20 in. wheels mounted on a track widened by 10 cm. 
and enormously flared arches to accommodate them. 
There's also a new front bumper with integrated LEDs, 
a carbon fiber hood with vents, side skirts, spoiler, diffuser, little round mirrors. 
The headlights have been kept original and only covered with 
metal grilles that recall the wise racing cars of the ’70s. 
The restyling of the interior has Alcantara and leather stitched sewn 
in diamond for the dashboard, upholstery, air and many details.
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The regular production version of the 2008 Jaguar S-Type R

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