Saturday, April 26, 2014

1939 Aston Martin Atom Concept

The Aston Martin Atom is a prototype car, constructed in 1939. The Atom is one of the first fully functional concept cars. Designed by Claude Hill, the body was aluminium over a tubular steel frame, and a marked change in design from previous cars. It was originally powered by a model 15/98 engine, but subsequently upgraded after the war with a 2-litre engine in 1944. Apparently, after driving the Atom in 1947, David Brown decided to buy the Aston Martin company. (wikipedia)

Despite his 75 years and the fact that it is not the first car to have worn the badge of Aston Martin, the Atom is undoubtedly the rarest of all . it dramatically illustrates the transition between two eras of Aston Martin, a brand founded in 1913. British magazine Autocar also described it as a project for prepare the company for the post-war.

The Atom is also distinguished by cutting-edge technologies ( for the time) used for its manufacture. Its tubular chassis is dressed in an aluminum body . The front suspension uses coil springs ( designed by R. Gordon Sutherland, then CEO of Aston Martin) .The 4 - cylinder 2.0 liter engine drives the rear wheels through a box Cotal electromagnetic semi- automatic 4-speed. The 82 hp engine allowed the Atom , which weighed 1,200 kg to accelerate from 0-100 km / h in 19 seconds. This does not prevent it from reaching a top speed of grazing 160 km / h. (

(Photos from Bonhams,, &

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