Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nissan Silvia CSP311 - Gen. 1 (1965-68)

The Nissan Silvia CSP311 made its public debut in 1964. 
Powered by the 96 hp 1.6 L Nissan R series engine
The engine was equipped with twin SU carburetors
Production ceased in 1968 after a mere 554 were made, 
every one unique with hand-formed body panels. 
The low production numbers and tedious method of construction 
assured each car was unique and valuable. 

The first NISSAN SILVIA (CSP311) was a hand-built coupe 
based on the Fairlady 1500 (SP310) chassis.
Powered by a 1595cc unit used in the Fairlady 1600 (SP311), released in 1965.
Rarely seen in North America.

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