Sunday, June 7, 2015

2015 Maserati Mostro Zagato Coupe

The coachbuilt custom celebrates the centenary of the Maserati brand with an update to the 1957 Maserati 450 S – known as "il Mostro" for its monstrous power. The Zagato-bodied coupe (one of its last designs not to use the Kamm tail) was commissioned and raced by Stirling Moss at Le Mans, and supposedly remained the most powerful front-engined racecar in the world into the 1990s.

This modern tribute is built around a carbon monocoque, with a dry-sump Maserati 4.2L V8 mounted up front but between the axles for optimal weight distribution, driving a six-speed semi-automatic rear transaxle. The design shares some similar design traits with other Zagato creations, such as quasi-pontoon front fenders capping the long nose and swept-back greenhouse. Zagato’s own 19-inch wheels are fitted at each corner, with 255/40 size tires up front and 295/35s at the rear.

Zagato confirms that the Mostro is designed for the track, but will be "ready for street homologation." While its makers promise that like the original 
"il Mostro" it will dominate a racing circuit, it will be totally road legal too and it’s understood that the huge, fixed rear wing is removable for a better cruising aesthetic. The carrozzeria will build five examples before Maserati's current centenary year is over. Each has already been spoken for, though none are headed to customers in the US. Coachbuilders seldom reveal pricing for this type of project (particularly when they've all been pre-sold), but we're told that "none of Zagato's atelier cars exceed 1 million. As collectible cars, the value of a Zagato typically overcomes the purchasing price within a few years." ( &

1957 Maserati 450 S Costin-Zagato

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