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Lancia Appia Zagato GTZ/GTS (1957-1958)

The Lancia Appia was a small saloon made by Lancia from 1956 to 1963. The first series Appia produced 38 bhp and a top speed of 75 mph. The second series followed in 1956, featured a lengthened wheelbase and new baggage compartment. The power output had been increased to 43 bhp bringing top speeds of near 80 mph.

With the introduction of the second series, Lancia began selling the further uprated 53 bhp chassis to Italian carrozzieri. Pininfarina was selected to build a coupé and Vignale was given the responsibility of producing both a 2 +2 Lusso and a convertible. Sold directly by Lancia.

After the 1956 prototype nicknamed "Camel" (see photos below), Zagato then began producing Appia bodies (the GTZ in 1957 and then GT in early 1958). These were never marketed by Lancia itself, and some owners refer to them as ‘out of series’ Appias.

Lancia Appia Zagato GTZ/GTS and GT (1957-58)

The 1956 prototype Appia Cammello, nicknamed "camel" (see photos below), remains a single copy. During early 1957 Zagato built some 30 more Appias, which remained somewhat similar to the first Cammello, but lost the humps on the bonnet and boot lid, donned thin vertical fins over the rear wings and Plexiglas-covered headlamps, and gained a new grille which would set the template for all future Appia Zagato.

Two Appia Zagato models were produced from 1957-58: First was the sportier Appia GTZ/GTS, with faired in headlights, a more streamlined body, often a double bubble roof. Powered by a 60 PS, 1,089 cc V-4 engine with Weber carburettor. Four-speed manual transmission. They are distinguished by "shaped" wheel arches, the addition of "fins" on the rear fenders, more "sunken" headlamps, slightly different bumper and more basic equipment. After the GTZ was the 2+2 Appia GT (see photos below), with open headlights carried over from the Appia saloon, and the same 53 PS engine found on other coachbuilders' models.

Both GT and GTZ/GTS were made in very small numbers. Some sources say that only 39 GTZ and GT were made. Some sources says 50 GTZ and GT were produced, of which about 20 of the GT type and 30 of GTZ.

The Appia GT was replaced by the next generation of Appia Zagato in 1958 when the Lancia Appia GTE (standing for Gran Turismo Esportazione) was introduced as the first Zagato car to be included in Lancia's price lists and sold by Lancia dealers.(, and

Lancia Appia GTZ/GTS (1957-58)

A GTZ example shown here without the double-bubble roof and rear fender "fins".

Below: Three generations of the Lancia Appia Zagato
(L) Appia GT Sport (1961-62)  (M) Appia GTE (1958-1961) (R) Appia GTZ (1957)

1958 Lancia Appia GT 

Only about 20 units produced.

1956 Lancia Appia Cammello 

The first of all the Zagato Appias was the prototype. Displayed at the 1956 Turin Motor Show, it was immediately nicknamed Appia Cammello, "Camel", because of the double humps it carried not only on the roof, Zagato's signature double bubble, but also on the engine bonnet and boot lid.

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