Monday, June 24, 2013

1995 Honda Argento Vivo Concept by Pininfarina

A 1995 concept car designed by Pininfarina for Honda. 
The original show car was fitted with a rear wheel driving 2.5 litre 5-cylinder engine. 
The Argento Vivo concept had a metal roof and back light 
which retracted into the trunk compartment, transforming it to a roadster. 
It also featured aluminium construction and two-tone finish with the 
aluminum left polished and exposed on the upper panels. 
The dark blue sections of the Argento Vivo were formed from fiberglass.
The concept did not get produced becuase Honda was already starting to 
develop another concept car which was to become the Honda S2000 roadster. 
The Argento Vivo also caught the attention of the Sultan of Brunei. 
He managed to persuade Pininfarina to create a fleet of five Argento Vivo's for his family.
However in place of the original Honda drivetrain was a Mercedes setup, 
including suspension, brakes, transmission and an AMG 7.3 litre V12.


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