Sunday, September 28, 2014

1954 Ferrari 375 MM Coupé Speciale Scaglietti (#0402AM)

Built to contest the World Sportscar Championship, the 375MM was Ferrari's most potent weapon. Many examples were made to contest LeMans, such as the Mille Miglia (MM) which it is named after. While they were designed strictly as competition machines, a handful, as little as five, were sold road-going examples called Speciales. (

The Ferrari 375 MM (chassis #0402AM) was ordered by film director Roberto Rosselini. Mr. Rosselini was a frequent Ferrari customer and owned many early models. 0402AM began life as a Pinin Farina-bodied competition spyder finished in red. After an front-end accident with a tree, the car was returned back to Ferrari where repairs were made to the chassis before being sent to Scaglietti for passenger car coachwork. As this was Sergio Scaglietti's first road-going Ferrari, an impressive and elegant coupé body was created.

In the front is an oval grille housing two running lights and blinkers. The fenders have a similar pattern to the original spyder and gently flow from front to rear. There is a hood scoop, side engine bay vents, and no front fenders which add to the vehicle's sporty appeal and pay tribute to its competition heritage. Under the bonnet is a V12 engine fitted with weber carburetors and offering around 330 hp. The body is comprised of lightweight aluminum and there are Boranni wire wheels at all four corners. 

Years after it left Rosselini's care, it was found by its current care-taker in an underground garage located in the suburbs of Paris. After restoration, the car won Best in show at Pebble Beach 2014. (

Another 1954 one-off Ferrari 375 MM coupé (chassis #0456AM), bodied by Pinin Farina, was believed to have been ordered by Rosselini for his wife, Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman, even though she never took delivery of the car. (

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