Tuesday, June 11, 2013

2008 Saab 9-X Air BioHybrid Concept

The Saab 9-X Air BioHybrid Concept was a four-seater, two-door convertible designed by Saab in parallel with the 9-X BioHybrid concept in 2008. Both concepts used the same powertrain, a turbocharged 1.4-liter that ran on E85 bioethanol fuel, and it was coupled with hybrid technology. "The 9-X Air concept demonstrates what a future convertible from Saab could like." It's no coincidence that Saab launched the 9-X Air at the Paris motor show on 2 October 2008. It'd be exactly 25 years since the company's first convertible concept was shown at the 1983 Frankfurt expo. (caranddriver.com)


(Above L) 1983 Saab 900 Convertible Concept       (Above R) 2008 Saab 9-X Air Concept  

(Above) Saab 900 Convertible Concept made its debut at the 1983 Frankfurt Car Show.

  (Photos from autowp.ru & caranddriver.com)

2008 9-X BioHybrid Concept

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