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1971 Citroën SM Mylord Convertible by Henri Chapron

The Citroën SM is a high-performance coupé produced by the French manufacturer Citroën from 1970 to 1975. It combines many unusual and innovative features, some of which are only just becoming commonplace on cars of today. All powered by 2.7 L or 3.0 L V6 engines. The factory produced just one body style — a LHD two-door fastback fixed head coupé. However, as a French top-of-the-range car, the Citroën SM did inspire a variety of variants, none produced in any quantity.

French coachbuilder Henri Chapron presented his first transformation, the "Mylord" cabriolet at the Paris Motor Show in 1971. Seven examples were built at the workshops in Levallois, of which three were exported. Four cars were originally sold in France, two went to Spain and one to England.

The coachbuilder’s stylists gave the car the elegant lines that are typical of a prestige coupé. Using the original design for the SM, he strengthened the body, added a standard boot and covered the interior with a hood. This elegant cabriolet could carry four people in absolute comfort. the principal downside of the Mylord cabriolet was its price: at 130,000 francs in 1973, it cost more than twice the standard SM, and almost as much as a Ferrari Daytona. There was no rush to buy it and the project was not taken up. 

Henri Chapron produced seven convertibles (SM Mylord) and eight 4-door sedans (SM Opéra), presented in 1972 and the same year, a four-door convertible Presidential version. Original copies of these rare models are very valuable. 

In 1971, Heuliez also produced two examples of a targa top convertible, the SM Espace. (wikipedia, &

(Above L)  SM Mylord                  (Above R)  SM Opera

Regular production version of the Citroën SM
LHD two-door fastback fixed head coupé

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