Monday, June 3, 2013

Datsun Cherry Coupe - 1st Generation E10 Series (1971–74)

Also known later as the Nissan Cherry, the Datsun Cherry was a series of 
small cars which formed Nissan's first front-wheel-drive model line.
It's also known as the Nissan X-1 in Japan 
and Datsun 120A in Europe.
The 1st Generation Datsun Cherry 2-door coupé 
was powered by a 1171 cc A12 inline 4-cylinder Nissan 
A-series OHV engine. 4-speed manual. 

(L2nd Gen. F10 Series ('74–'78)         (R) 1st Gen. E10 Series ('71–'74) 

(L) 1st Gen. E10 Series ('71–'74)              (R2nd Gen. F10 Series ('74–'78)

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