Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2013 Mazzanti Evantra V8

The first car produced by the newly formed Italian car builder Mazzanti Automobili is the Evantra V8. 
Powered by a V8 engine that can produce a hefty 701 bhp and 848 Nm of torque. 
Upon customer request, the body is available either in carbon-fibre composite or, hand crafted, in aluminium. 
Mazzanti plan to build a maximum of five Evantras per year. 





Monday, January 28, 2013

2011 Rolls-Royce Apparition Concept by Jeremy Westerlund

Designed by Jeremy Westerlund while studying at the Art Center school of design. 
The design is based around the old motor carriages that had a chauffeur sitting up front, exposed to the elements, 
with the passengers coddled inside. Like most contemporary Rolls models, 
the front is utterly dominated by the prominent grille and hood ornament. 
It features unique touches like real mahogany inserts in the wheels, and the imposing overall shape is long and low: 
the designer took his cues from sailing yachts.
If such an extreme example of fantasy ever became reality, it would measure 279 inches overall – that's over 23 feet, 
or about four feet longer than the Phantom. (

2008 Rolls-Royce Phantom Drop-Head Coupe Hyperion by Pininfarina

A one-off custom-built car derived from the 2008 Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe.
 The bodywork is made of carbon fibre, while the details are applied using a technology adopted in boat building. 
The doors were made of solid wood. In front of the windscreen there are two compartments
for small items or for sports equipment, such as hunting rifles. 
Price tag at 2008: €4.5 million ($6.4 million).







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