Sunday, April 28, 2013

1964 Lancia Flavia Sport Corsa Zagato

In 1964, the Lancia Works team presented the Sport Prototipo Zagato racing car, a unique creation with a lightweight body and numerous weight-saving measures. Powered by a 148 bhp, 1,848 cc single overhead camshaft four-cylinder boxer engine. Unfortunately, the drivers and the car did not see the finish line due to an unplanned off-road excursion during the race. After the Targa Florio entry, the car had a very short racing history due to limited funds.

Chassis 815538 1001 had many special features, starting from the light alloy body that was some 220 kilograms lighter, compared to the standard Lancia Flavia Zagato, as well as the shortened wheelbase for better handling. The Sport Prototipo Zagato car has a very aggressive and low slung look with twin air intakes on the bonnet for the long carburettor trumpets to reach and breathe. The model was sold for €190.400 ($250,000) in an auction in May 2012. (

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