Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lancia Flavia Sport Zagato (1962-69)

The Flavia Sport was a 2+2 coupe that carried aluminum coachwork by Zagato. The young designer Ercole Spada created the unusual and aerodynamic shape of the Flavia Sport by using concave and rounded surfaces and an angled grille. Due to its lightweight body, it was easily capable of exceeding 100 mph and was highly successful in both rally and endurance racing. (

Originally fitted with a 90bhp 1.5L boxer engine that drove the front wheels, as the production progressed this was increased to 1.8L and twin carburetors for extra power (just over 100 hp), and eventually a mere 32 were fitted with fuel injection. Around 600 examples were made. (  &

(Photos from,,, &

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