Wednesday, April 17, 2013

BMW 3200CS by Bertone (1962-65)

Designed by Italian coachbuilder Bertone. The 3200 CS would become BMW's last V8-powered car before the 740i was introduced in 1992. 603 units were built. (

Technically, the 3200 CS was the end of an era. It was the last of BMW's early postwar luxury cars. As such, it was the last BMW automobile to have pushrod-operated engine valves, a perimeter frame, or a solid rear axle. Stylistically, however, the 3200 CS gave a view of what was to come. The low beltline, tall greenhouse and thin pillars of the 3200 CS became a template for BMW's later coupes, including the 2000 C and CS coupes based on the New Class sedans. (wikipedia)

1962 BMW 3200 CS Cabriolet

Production of the handsome cars lasted just over three years, with 603 examples produced,of which 602 were regular coupes. As a gift for BMW principle Herbert Quandt Bertone designed and built a one-off convertible body for the 3200 CS. Today this unique vehicle still exists. (

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