Sunday, April 28, 2013

2009 Audi TT Clubsport quattro Concept

Audi displayed a new show car variant of the second generation Audi TT in 2008. 
Named as "the TT in its most purist form". 
The goal for this vehicle study was to achieve purism at a premium level. 
No hood, no A-post - instead, a wraparound windscreen kept extremely low 
which deliberately evokes images of a speedster. 
The flat, slightly tinted window strip surrounds the cockpit. 
The panoramic windscreen and the two humps located behind the interior 
in place of the hood compartment are reminiscent of a racing car. 
The rollover bars familiar from the TT Roadster are kept flatter 
and are the same height as the sports bucket seats. 
The 2.0 TFSI engine has been tuned to give 221 kilowatts (300 PS; 296 bhp).

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