Thursday, December 27, 2012

1974 Zagato Ferrari 3000 Convertible

This one-off Ferrari by Zagato started life in 1967 as a 330 GTC Coupe. In 1974, The new body was designed by Giuseppe Mittino, Zagato's designer of the time was commissioned. The car was called '3000 Convertible'. A rather confusing name, because the car is more like a coupe with a 'targa' type removable rigid roof panel. The tail was higher and heavier and did not slope down as much as it did on the blue 3Z Spyder version. The front headlights were visible, but veiled with a darkened plexiglas cover that was rectangular and flush with the body. The rear light clusters were also modified and recessed in smaller niches than before. Upon completion the car was displayed at the '74 Geneva Car Show. In 1992, it was sold at a price of US$ 170,869. (




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