Saturday, November 9, 2013

Rover P5B (1967–1973)

The final iteration of the P5 appeared in September 1967. Now powered by the 3,528 cubic centimetres (215.3 cu in) Rover V8 engine. The car was badged as the "3.5 Litre", and commonly known as the 3½ Litre. The final letter in the "P5B" model name came from Buick, the engine's originator. Rover did not have the budget or time to develop such engines, hence they chose to redevelop the lightweight aluminium concept Buick could not make successful. They made it considerably stronger, which added some weight but still maintained the engine's light and compact features. It produced 160 bhp along with improved torque. Automatic transmission, hydrosteer variable ratio power steering and front Lucas fog lights were now standard.

On the exterior, the P5B came with bold '3.5 Litre' badging, a pair of fog lights below the head lights created a striking 4 light array, and the fitting of chrome Rostyle wheels with black painted inserts. The P5B existed as both the 4-door coupé (with a lowered roofline and thinner b-pillars) and saloon body style until end of production. Production ended in 1973, by when 9099 coupés and 11,501 saloons had been built. The saloon variant the P5B was a favourite of high-ranking Government Ministers, and served as Prime Ministerial transport. Queen Elizabeth II also owned an Arden Green Rover P5B Saloon, licenced plate number "JGY 280". (wikipedia)

Rover P5B Coupe

Rover P5B Saloon

Queen Elizabeth II's Rover P5B Saloon

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