Monday, December 17, 2012

Lancia Hyena by Zagato (1992-93)

The Lancia Hyena (also known as the Lancia Delta Zagato Hyena or Lancia Hyena Sports) was a sports coupe designed by Zagato designer Marco Pedracini, produced by the Italian coachbuilder, under the brand Lancia.

In the early nineties, Paul Koot, distributor of Lancia in the Netherlands proposed the idea to Lancia to produce a small coupe limited edition on the frame of the Delta Integrale. Lancia rejected the proposal, considered economically counterproductive. Then Koot turned to Zagato. The only authorization granted by the Turin group was the use of the Lancia brand.

The first prototype was presented in 1992 at the Motor Show in Brussels and was made ​​official production in a limited edition of 75 pieces assembled and sold by Zagato. As a result of an extremely complicated and expensive production process,  only 25 copies were made.

The engine was the four-cylinder 1,995 cc Fiat source that powered the Delta, with turbocharger Garrett T3 with intercooler air / air and overboost capable of 250 hp. Of lower weight than the hatchback original, the Hyena was appreciably faster and could cover the 0-62mph sprint in 5.4 seconds.  (wikipedia &

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