Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ferrari 400 Superamerica S1 Coupe Pininfarina Aerodinamico (1961-62)

Designed by Pininfarina, the 400 Superamerica Coupe Aerodinamico continued Ferrari's tradition of custom-built supercars. Each was specially built for their first owner and no two were exactly alike. used a version of the Colombo short-block V12. Typically found in the 250 GT, this unit was enlarged to four-liters and could produce a very ample 340 horsepower. 

Starting from unit #9 of the twenty-five Series 1 400 Superamericas, the new Aerodinamico style were used. It borrowed many cues from the Superfast II showcar. This included the long rear overhang which made the car much more dramatic at the rear. Of the 25 Series I examples, 14 were bodied in this shape with a protruding front nose and covered headlights, while others followed the more classic Pinin Farina eggcrate grill with open headlights. 

The Aerodinamico style continued into Seres 2 of the 400 Superamerica. Series I coupés aerodinamico had open hood air scoop while series II cars had covered scoop and slightly longer wheelbase. ( & wikipedia)

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