Sunday, July 20, 2014

1972 Fiat 132 Aster Coupé Zagato Concept

The 70s was the period of the geometrical cars for Zagato. This concept car was designed by Giuseppe Mittino who from 1970 on was responsible for the designs executed by Carrozzeria Zagato. The angular shape could be seen on concepts cars such as the Cadillac N.A.R.T. and the Volvo GTZ in which the style of the Milanese coach builder was clearly visible. Less well known is probably the Zagato Aster. This prototype from 1972 is based on the 4.5 meter long Fiat 132, equipped with a  2.0L 4 cylinder engine. The car was first presented at the 1972 Turin Motor Show. (

Two examples were built at Zagato in Milano - a green car for the Turin Auto Salon 1972, complete with a box of 8-track tapes on the passenger floor. And for the Geneva Motor Show 1973, an orange vehicle - . Both cars are different in many details. (

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