Thursday, July 17, 2014

1954 Pegaso Z-102B Cabriolet by Saoutchik

With the help of former Alfa Romeo designer Wilfredo Ricart, one Spanish automaker would actually rise to the top when it came to building the fastest road cars of the 1950s—Pegaso. In his first design for the new company, the Z102, Ricart would pour every bit of his knowledge into the car's chassis and design and the result would be rather staggering. 

To take care of the aesthetics of the Z102, Ricart would turn to the talented individuals as Carrozzeria Touring, Serra and Saoutchik to fashion much more fashionable bodies for the highly-capable chassis. In addition to adding to the look of the car, these talented coachbuilders also worked hard to reduce weight. The reduction in weight combined with 2.8 and 3.2-liter variants of four-cam V-8 engine meant the new, intriguing designs would be capable of top speeds higher than the latest Ferraris. 

Saoutchik would only build a total of 18 bodies for Pegaso. Of those 18, just a total of 8 would be Series II with their much more sedated lines and revised nose; 7 of which would be coupes. This Pegaso cabriolet was the only Series II cabriolet Saoutchik built. It is powered by a 2.8L V8 that produces 170 bhp. 5-speed manual. (

In its original colour.

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