Tuesday, July 30, 2013

2007 Bertone Fiat Barchetta Concept

Directly inspired by the 1947 Fiat 500 Barchetta designed by the then young Nuccio Bertone. 
Bertone presented the Fiat Barchetta concept car in 2007 in celebration of its 95th anniversary. 
The historic relationship between the two companies has lasted for 
more than eighty years and has generated more than fifty 
highly successful models counting concept cars, one-offs and production cars.
The upper shell of the Barchetta concept was entirely hand beaten and 
polished by the master panel beaters still working for Bertone today. 
This single piece of aluminium extended like a cloak from the front tip of the bonnet 
to embrace the upper part of the sides and rear arches, terminating in the tail.

(Below L) 1947 Fiat 500 Barchetta                (Below R) 2007 Bertone Fiat Barchetta Concept 

(Photos from ultimatecarpage.com, supercars.net & allsportauto.com)

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