Sunday, July 7, 2013

2006 Caresto V8 Speedster

Only 2 units produced, the Caresto V8 Speedster is a hand-built mid-engine Hotrod
designed and built by ex-Volvo designer Leif Tufvesson, who also founded Caresto.
It features a custom fabricated tubular steel frame, 
hand crafted aluminium body, carbon composite hard top roof, 
Powered by a mid-mounted 4.4 litre ethanol-fueled Volvo V8 developing 340 hp. 
There is a sensor in the engine compartment which can tell when 
the temperature is getting a little hot and automatically 
open the rear hatch to allow cooling air to enter.
For the interior Caresto has trimmed the V8 Speedster in the finest Scottish leather.
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The car is extraordinarily well built, wîth millimeter precision in every part of the bodywork. 
The steering wheel, instruments and gear selector come from Volvo, 
as does the V8 engine, the 6-speed automatic transmission and the car's electrical system.
The engine is tuned wîth the environment in mind, 
and has been converted to ethanol by Scandinavia's leading car tuning company BSR.

Interior of the second copy of the V8 Speedster

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