Friday, January 22, 2016

1987 Ferrari Testarossa Barchetta by Scuderia Baldini

Ferrari never developed the Testarossa into a spider version for production. The only Testarossa Spyder commissioned by Ferrari was the 1986 Testarossa Spider Valeo one-off for Fiat boss Gianni Agnelli. A handful of wealthy collectors who, wanting to own a convertible version of this sublime model, commissioned derivatives from coachbuilders such as Richard Straman in the United States (12), Koenig, Lorenz & Rankl (5), Scuderia Baldini (1) and Pavesi (2), are just some examples. Pininfarina also undertook 11 special orders, principally for the Sultan of Brunei, built as right-hand drive cars. ( &,

1987 Ferrari Testarossa Barchetta Baldini

This one-off conversion started as a 1987 Series 2  Ferrari Testarossa 'monodado' with only 33,000 km. The philosophy of the roadster is set by the bodywork of Roman Scuderia Baldini and was renamed the Testarossa Barchetta. 

Car body is Sea Blue, cream interior, interior trim in aluminum color and to instantly capture the look, the absence of the ceiling and rear fittings of the engine hood, deleted and replaced by two classic domes. 

The development of the new body indicates the technical details that was carried out by Baldini in the search for stylistic consistency with the Testarossa Coupé. The car body of the Ferrari Testarossa was in fact, completely disassembled in order to put onto the bare frame some reinforcing elements that have been welded to the original platform. An element sheet placed between passenger compartment and engine cover incorporates into the two domes with function roll-bar behind the two seats. The interior is covered throughout with a high quality waterproof leather. ( &

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