Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ferrari LaFerrari Coupe (2013-15)

The LaFerrari is Ferrari’s first ever production car to be equipped with the F1-derived hybrid solution – the HY-KERS system – which combines an electric motor producing over 150 CV with the most powerful incarnation yet of Ferrari’s classic V12, with 800 CV at 9000 rpm, producing 950 hp. It emits just 330 g/km of CO2 but without resorting to electric-only drive. 

Performance levels are top level: 0-100 km/h in less than 3 seconds and 0-200 km/h in under 7 seconds. The batteries are charged in different ways: under braking (even hard braking with the ABS active) and every time the V12 produces more torque than required, such as in cornering. In the latter instance, rather than the being sent to the wheels, the excess torque is converted to energy and stored in the batteries.

The LaFerrari's chassis features no less than four different types of carbon-fibre, all hand-laminated and autoclave-cured in the racing department using the same design and production methods as the Formula 1 car. 

A very advanced and uncompromising approach was also taken with the interior design which features gear-shift paddles and an HMI inspired by F1 single-seaters. The driving position is similar to that of a single-seater. The seat is fixed and tailored to the driver while both the pedal box and steering wheel are adjustable. 

Only 499 units to be built, including 120 earmarked for North America and an additional 500th car was later made to be sold at an auction. The $1.4 million asking price that makes it the most expensive new Ferrari ever made. (, &

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