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1970 Monteverdi Hai 450 SS

After severing ties with Ferrari in 1964, disgruntled Swiss Ferrari importer Peter Monteverdi decided to prove to the world that he could produce a sophisticated, stylish, and advanced supercar. At the 1970 Geneva Motorshow Monteverdi showed the Hai 450 SS prototype (Chassis number TNT 101). The car was finished in a specially mixed metallic shade called Purple Smoke. Its simple and aggressive styling (hai is German for shark) was penned by Peter Monteverdi and Trevor Fiore from Fissore, a little known coachbuilder from Turin, Italy. The Hai 450 SS was powered by Chrysler's all-new 426 Hemi race-proven engine. 5-speed ZF manual transaxle. Top speed was claimed to be achieved at 280 km/h and 0-100 mph completed in 12 seconds. This was one of the fastest vehicles ever designed to run on public roads. The Hai's most outstanding feature was the compact shape with a relatively short wheelbase and wide track, made possible by mounting the engine virtually between the two seats. 

After the show season, the Hai 450 SS (450 for its claimed horsepower, SS for Super Sports) was repainted red and re-upholstered in a more conventional pattern. It was then displayed at additional exhibitions. In 2006, Bruce Milner, the then owner of Hai 450 SS, decided to restore the car to its original 1970 Geneva Auto Salon appearance. The exterior was once again finished in Purple Smoke paint and the interior was re-trimmed with white upholstery and black carpeting and equipped with period details, such as a Blaupunkt Koln radio and correct Behr air-conditioning vents sourced from another Monteverdi. 

In 2012, the car was sold for $577,500, including buyer's premium, at the Pebble Beach presented by Gooding & Company. ( &

1973 Monteverdi Hai 450 GTS

There were three other Hai cars made. The second, named 450 GTS, featured 
a lengthened wheelbase, featured a Chrysler 440 engine, and alloy wheels. 
For the third Hai, we had to wait another 17 years. 
This was a carbon copy of the long wheelbase GTS built in 1973. 

Monteverdi Hai 650 F1 (1992–95)

In 1992 the final Hai was produced but this was a Hai in name only. 
It featured modernised styling and a Formula 1 sourced Cosworth engine.

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