Saturday, August 24, 2013

2006 Mazda Kabura Concept

The Kabura is a sport compact concept which shows styling themes and 
technologies which could appear in future production models. 
It was designed in Irvine, California by Mazda of North America. 
“Kabura” is a Japanese term taken from kabura-ya, “the first arrow into battle” 
which means to represent Mazda's pursuit of unique styling themes and technologies.

The windshield and forward portion of the roof are integrated into one seamless glass
surface that extends from the cowl to the B-pillar. Overhead portions of the glass 
have adjustable tinting, so that the driver can adjust a knob to change 
the roof’s opacity, from clear to completely opaque.
The Kabura incorporates the front-engine, rear-drive layout. Power is supplied to the 
rear wheels from a 2.0 L version of Mazda’s MZR DOHC 16-valve engine.
 Inside, it has an unusual 3+1 arrangement, giving greater passenger space 
versus a traditional coupe, without increasing weight or size. 
All passenger seats fold flat to make additional room for cargo. 
With only occasional use of the fourth "jump-seat" behind the driver as needed.
The Kabura includes a secondary passenger-side door, allowing easier access 
to the seat behind the front passenger. After the front door is opened, 
touching a button slides the rear door straight back into a cavity notched 
into the rear-quarter panel area, instead of swinging on hinges.

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