Friday, May 17, 2013

1968 Bentley T1 ‘Coupe Speciale' Pininfarina

Englishman Lord Hanson, who commissioned the folks at Pininfarina in 1967 to create the body for this “coupe speciale” (chassis #CBH 4033), which bears quite a resemblance to the later Rolls-Royce Camargue.

It was the work of Paolo Martin, a gifted stylist who had started his career with Michelotti in 1960. He moved to Bertone in 1967 and the following year was appointed chief of Pininfarina's styling department . There are indeed traces of Pininfarina's work for Maranello in the Bentley: its tapering roofline (reminiscent of the contemporary 365GT), circular rear lights, slender seats and delicate interior fittings all being typically Ferrari. Pininfarina also lowered the radiator, taking care not to depart too far from the original style and risk upsetting Rolls-Royce.

Between 16th June 1978 and 20th November 1979, the Bentley was updated for Lord Hanson to T2/Silver Shadow II specifications by J D Barclay Ltd (Jack Barclay) with the three-speed GM automatic transmission, rubber bumpers and later-type hubcaps. The steering and suspension were revised and updated also, and the car stripped and repainted in its original colour of Brewster Green.

Powered by a 6230 (from 1971) 6750 cc Rolls-Royce - Bentley L Series V8 engine. The price tag for this special one-off model in 1968 was £15,000 - twice that of a standard Bentley T Type. (

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A regular factory production version of a 1968 Bentley T1

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