Saturday, February 11, 2017

1964 Alfa Romeo 6C 2600 Coupé Pininfarina

The Alfa Romeo 2600 was produced from 1961 to 1969 as the successor to the Alfa Romeo 2000. The model series initially had three versions: the Spyder manufactured by Carrozzeria Touring, the Berlina coming directly from the factories of Alfa Romeo and the Sprint made by Bertone. Another coupe came along later with the 2600 Zagato and the luxuriously equipped saloon was added with the 2600 OSI. The newly developed 2584 six-cylinder engine was made of aluminium and generated 145 hp. Top speed was 200 kph and 175 kph for the Berlina.

The one-off prototype Alfa Romeo shown here was presented by Pininfarina at the Turin Motor Show and at the Geneva Motor Show in 1962 as a Spider cabriolet, prototipo 621. The car was subsequently converted to a coupe for the Brussels Motor Show in January 1963. It was later discovered in the USA and a restoration reinstated this prototype back to the version presented at the 1963 Brussels Motor Show. (


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