Saturday, May 3, 2014

Trident Iceni Grand Tourer (2008-?)

Trident Performance Vehicles, based in Norfolk, UK, have designed and produced a two-seater sports car that is powered by a Diesel powered 6.6 litre turbo engine. The Trident Iceni Grand Tourer can reach over 200mph, get from 0-60mph in under 4 seconds and and a top speed of over 200+mph (321+ km/h). And it can achieve a top fuel consumption of around 70 mpg.

Whilst city cars (MEGA City, Ze-O, G-Wiz) work brilliantly for people who live and work in a city, Trident represent those that travel in rural locations and those situations where electric cars are not (for the time being) viable due to their comparatively short range. In the meantime, the Trident Iceni offers current technology that is available now which reduces fuel consumption and therefore reduces emissions. It's a diesel sports car and if you're able to obtain any kind of biodiesel, this can be used without any invalidation of warranty, adjustment to the engine or affect on performance. Their fantastic fuel economy is achieved through technology called torque multiplication and it can be applied to all diesel cars (the popularity of which is growing year on year versus petrol cars), buses, lorries and trains. 

The Iceni is a traditional grand tourer. With a full tank of diesel, you can expect to travel around 2000 miles without needing to fill up. The boot has space for luggage and golf clubs - enough for a two week holiday. The chassis is made from stainless steel and is guaranteed against corrosion for 100 years and the body is made from composite and can therefore never rust or degrade. ( & wikipedia)

2012 model

2008 - 2011 model

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