Saturday, June 15, 2013

Jaguar 420G (1966-71)

Not be confused with the smaller Jaguar 420. 
In October 1966 the Jaguar Mark X was renamed the 420G.
The 420G is a gentle evolution of the MkX, 
with differences confined to the bigger 4.2-litre straight-six 
replacing the previous 3.8-litre in MkX; a chrome strip down each flank; 
a larger front grille with a vertical central bar splitting it in two; 
and side indicator repeaters added to each front wing.
The MkX, launched in 1961, looked absolutely enormous, 
with plenty of room for six large passengers.
The 420G was practically a limo fitted with the hottest sports car engine.
In fact, a version was available, on the standard wheelbase, 
with a dividing glass screen partition and front bench seat 
replacing the separate seats of standard cars.
Only 5,763 units sold.


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