Tuesday, June 18, 2013

2013 PGO Cévennes "Water Snake" Speedster Concept

PGO Automobiles is a niche sports car maker from France that once specialized in 
building high-end replicas of some classic European sports cars such as Porsches. 
It later went on to build an enthusiast roadster of its own called the Cévennes. 
The Cévennes Water Snake Concept is the latest updates to the Cévennes lineup.

It features a new blue carbon exterior, new BMW-style headlights, 
LED daytime running lights and 18" aluminum wheels. 
Along with an updated center console, the interior receives a leather-wrapped dash, 
carbon fiber trim and quilted leather trim on the seats. 
Power comes from a mid-mounted, BMW-sourced 1.6-liter four that 
delivers 181 horsepower. It's the same engine used in the Mini Cooper S.
Six-speed manual. Maximum speed of about 140 mph. 
Not to be exported to the U.S. 

 2013 PGO Cévennes Speedster Concept

2011 PGO Cévennes "Ultimate Black" Speedster

2008 PGO Cévennes Turbo CNG Speedster Concept

Powered by a turbocharged 1.6 litre 4 cylinder engine 
which is modified to run on natural gas. 
Power output for the engine stands at 150 bhp. 
Six-speed manual transmission. 
Max speed at 130 mph. 0-60 mph takes 6.5 seconds.

(Photos from larevueautomobile.com & diseno-art.com)

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