Monday, June 17, 2013

De Tomaso Pantera (1971-91)

The Pantera was a sports car produced by the Italian car company De Tomaso. 
The original Pantera was designed by American designer Tom Tjaarda. 
Powered by a Ford 351 cu in (5.8 L) V8 engine that produced 330 hp.,
capable of reaching 160 mph. 0-60 mph 5.2 seconds.
The body of the Pantera is of a steel monocoque design. 
Having been in production in one form or another since 1971
(including the new generation Pantera SI produced from 1991-93), 
7,260 Panteras were produced. It had outlived all its contemporaries,
only the Lamborghini Countach coming close to rivalling the Pantera's 23 year run.

Pantera L

Featured large black bumpers for the US market as well as a 248 hp (185 kW) Cleveland engine.

Pantera GT4


Pantera GTS Group 4 Race Car

Pantera GT5S

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