Saturday, April 13, 2013

1971 Citroën SM Espace by Heuliez

Only 2 were built. Heuliez presented the SM Espace in 1971. The SM Espace offers a novel solution to open air motoring. From a rigid center the left and right side of the roof can be electrically and progressively opened. Seven sections on each side, finished in anodized aluminum, can be retracted into the center section. In combination the 4 side windows can be electrically lowered to get an open air feeling. (

The roof, made up of slats, was designed to slide sideways into the central spine to create a targa-type vehicle. The other advantage of this technology was that the spine was an integral part of the roof, thus avoiding the need to reinforce the structure of the SM in order to maintain its original stiffness. (







A second prototype was built with the 
glass in the rear section replaced by a Miura style finish. 
One car is still owned by Heuliez while the other is in private hands.

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