Sunday, January 7, 2018

1958 Lancia Aurelia Nardi Blue Ray II Concept

Built in 1958, the Blue Ray II followed the Blue Ray I show car from 1955. These were both based on the Lancia Aurelia chassis with minor upgrades from Nardi including their intake manifold. The first car was highly tuned and featured daring styling, so emphasis on the second car was grand touring.

Like the first, Blue Ray II was penned by Giovanni Michelotti who initially designed the Lancia Aprilia Coupè in 1949. For the second Blue Ray, Michelotti dropped the center headlight, bubble-top interior and excessive scoops in favor of much cleaner lines. Included was a protruding front grill with flushed-in headlights, rear tail fins and a very open cockpit. The new aluminum body was completed at the Vignale factory.

Inside, the Blue Ray II has a well appointed leather interior. Immediately in front of the driver is a signature Nardi steering wheel. It also has a blue Perspex™ roof which slides on tracks. When opened, it offers extra ventilation to the passengers. The blue tinted roof sets a distinct color balance in the greenhouse.

To create support for the car, Nardi cut up a 4th-series B24 spyder chassis and made an entirely new center section. This used the stock suspension configuration and also increased overall rigidity. The engine was also from a B24, but used a specific Nardi manifold that took air from a single Weber Carburettor. (

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