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Ford GTX1 Roadster (2007-08)

Debuted on the opening day of 2005 SEMA, the Ford GTX1 Roadster Concept, a modified roadster version of the Ford GT, was developed through Ford's SEMA Technology Initiative and involved the collaboration with several aftermarket companies including the builder, Genaddi Design Group, Sony, Sparco, Brembo, Borla, Pirelli and others. The heavily modified GT features a four-panel removable roof system that can transform the supercar from a coupe to a T-top or full convertible. The outer panels can also be locked in a vent position and all four can be stowed inside the vehicle. The rear clamshell covering the engine has been redesigned to feature two buttresses that flow rearward from the seatbacks. Powered by a 550-horsepower 5.4L supercharged V-8. The SEMA special editions, in addition to the roof conversion, also received a host of additional upgrades including racing seats, adjustable shocks, Wilwood brakes, a power boost to 700 horses, a hidden rear bumper, and some other interior tweaks. Jeremy Clarkson of the BBC TV Show Top Gear claimed while driving the GTX1 that it was one of the best cars he had ever driven.

Over two years of production, the plan was to make 600 total cars available. 100 would be SEMA Edition replicas of the Valencia Orange show car with Tungsten Silver stripes covering the whole car. The other 500 would be regular customer cars. Clients could also upgrade their Ford GT Supercars into the GTX1 Roadster version at Genaddi Design Group's facilities in Green Bay, WI. According to Gennadi, only 100 cars or so have been ordered and completed, and whatever the number stands at when orders are officially ended on August 31, 2008 will be the final production run. (

Just 30 Ford GT X1’s were produced by Ford authorized coach-builder Genaddi Design Group before they closed their doors. (

           (Above L) Ford GTX1 Roadster                                    (Above R) Ford GT Coupe

Ford GTX1 TT

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2005 Ford GTX1 Protype

Ford GT Coupe (2004-06)

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