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Ford 1st Generation Bronco U13 Roadster (1966-68)

The Bronco was Ford's first compact SUV. The original Bronco was an ORV (Off-Road Vehicle), intended to compete primarily with Jeep CJ models. The small size riding on a 92-inch (2,337 mm) wheelbase made it popular for off-roading and some other uses, but impractical for such things as towing. The idea behind the Bronco began with Ford product manager Donald N. Frey, who also conceived of the Ford Mustang. In many ways, the Bronco was a more original concept than the Mustang because the Bronco had a frame, suspension, and body that were not shared with any other vehicle. Styling was subordinated to simplicity and economy. 

The early Broncos were offered in wagon (VIN U15), the ever popular halfcab (VIN U14), and less popular roadster (VIN U13) configurations. Production of the Roadster (U13) variant ended early in 1968 with a total of only 5000 built over that 3-year production run. According to Bronco experts, there are probably less than 150 in existence today, and only perhaps only 10 or so restored to original condition. 

Mechanically, like all the early Broncos, the Bronco U13 Roadster was powered by a 170 cubic-inch inline six producing 105 hp and 158 pounds of torque. The door openings on a Roadster were usually filled with a fiberglass inserts as standard equipment giving that classic contoured sporty Roadster appearance. Dealer installed vinyl doors and a convertible top, available in black or white, were available. Hard doors were available as well with or without glass and frame, thus eliminating the inserts. The windshield could be laid flat on the hood and secured in place by the loop catch on the hood and the windshield mounted spring-loaded pin. (wikipedia, &

Ford 1st Gen. Bronco U13 Roadster

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Ford 1st Gen. Bronco U15 Wagon (1966-77)

Ford 1st Gen. Bronco U14 Half Cab (1966-77)

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