Tuesday, April 23, 2013

1993 Lamborghini Diablo SE 30 for 30th Anniversary

The Diablo SE30 was introduced in 1994 as a limited-production 
special model to commemorate the company's 30th anniversary. 
The car was designed largely as a street-legal race vehicle 
that was lighter and more powerful than the standard Diablo. 
The engine was boosted to 530 PS (390 kW; 523 hp).
The SE30 differed from other Diablo models with a narrow, slatted rear window engine lid, 
SE30 badging, and a new metallic purple paint colour 
(this could be changed upon request).
Only 150 SE30 models were built, and of these, 
about 15 were converted to "Jota" specification, 
that involved tuning of the Diablo's venerable V12 engine to produce nearly 
603 PS (444 kW; 595 hp) and 639 N·m (471 lb·ft) of torque. 
Characterized by a revised engine lid with two ducts 
protruding above the roofline forced air into the intake system. 

(Photos from supercars.net, autoevolution.com & autogespot.es)

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