Sunday, January 7, 2018

1955 Lancia Aurelia Nardi Blue Ray I Concept

Enrico Nardi’s shop known as Nardi & C. S.a.S. was based in Turin and spent a great deal of time supporting the aftermarket industry. While Nardi made parts for a whole variety of manufacturers including Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Simca, their relationship with Lancia was special.

The Blue Ray (translates to Raggio Azzura) shows cars built by Lancia were given their designation after their two-tone paint scheme. The Lancia Aurelia Blue Ray I was completed in September of 1955 with the second, Blue Ray II, finished in 1958. Both Blue Ray cars were the creation of Turin-based Enrico Nardi. They were built atop a Lancia Aurelia chassis and given upgrades by Nardi. The designs were penned by Giovanni Michelotti.

Under the bonnet is a Lancia Aurelia B20 engine that displaces 2.5-ltiers and produces 190 horsepower. Top speed is in the neighborhood of 140 mph. Upgrades to the engine include a cast alloy Nardi air scoop, intake manifold with double throat Weber 40DCZs carburetors, alloy radiator header, and modified camshaft, pistons, and exhaust manifolds. There is a Nardi floor-mounted gear change and a Aurelia B20 transaxle.

Blue Ray I was designed by Michelotti and constricted by Vignale. The roof is of blue Perspex™ and features an air-scoop with internal directional vents. The side and rear windows are also formed from blue Perspex. ( &

(L) 1958 Aurelia Nardi Blue Ray 2 Concept       (R) 1955 Aurelia Nardi Blue Ray 1 Concept

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