Monday, November 13, 2017

1967 Lancia Flavia Super Sport Concept

The Lancia Flavia (Tipo 815/819/820) is an executive car produced by Lancia in Italy from 1961 to 1971. It was launched with a 1500 cc engine at the 1960 Turin Motor Show. Initially available only as a four-door saloon, coupe and convertible versions developed by Pininfarina and Vignale quickly followed, together with one or two low volume 'specials' including a Zagato coupe. Performance improved over the next ten years as the engine size increased, progressively, to 2000 cc.   

As part of a plan to offer customers a wider range of models, Lancia commissioned Zagato to make a Super Sport version of its Fulvia, with the car (chassis # 820*050-000004) making its debut at the 1967 Turin motor show. Unfortunately, Lancia was acquired by Fiat before the Super Sport could make production, and it remained a prototype. (

In 1967 Zagato proposed a new interpretation of Flavia Sport. The first prototype of this sporty, on a new shortened frame, had the 1800 engine, the second instead, presented at the Turin Salon in 1968 and painted yellow had the most powerful two-liter engine.Developed by Zagato with the then chief designer Ercole Spada on a shortened (by 25 cm) chassis. 

In 2014, this vehicle appeared in a driving report of the magazine "AutoBild", now restored and painted in a pale yellow. It is now part of the collection of Corrado Lopresto. ( &

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