Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ferrari 375 America Coupe Vignale (1953-54)

The 375 America followed the 340 and 342 America and they continued to cater to Ferrari's elite road-car buyers who desired a large-displacement, high-horsepower road-going vehicle with elegant styling and luxurious amenities.

Powering the 375 America was a Lampredi-designed 4523cc 'long block' V12 engine, the largest engine offered by Ferrari at the time. Horsepower was in the neighborhood of 300 bhp at 6500 rpm, courtesy of a high compression ratio and a trio of twin-choke Weber carburetors. They had a four-speed manual gearbox that had synchromesh on all forward gears. The top speed was an impressive 160 mph with zero-to-sixty mph being achieved in under seven seconds. With its performance, attractive styling, and comfortable interior, the Ferrari 375 America was one of the world's ultimate grand touring automobile of its era. 

Ferrari produced just 12 examples of the 375 America. They were completely hand-built and no two examples are entirely alike. They carried a price tag of approximately $10,000 when new and the majority of examples wore Pinin Farina bodies, with just three clothed in bodywork by Vignale. (

1954 Ferrari 375 America Coupe by Vignale (Chassis #0327 AL)

Sold for $1,980,000 at a 2011 auction.

1953 Ferrari 375 America Vignale Coupe (Chassis #0337 AL)

Sold for Sold for $2,200,000 at a 2011 auction.

1953 Ferrari 375 America Coupe Vignale (Chassis # 0327 AL)

Sold for $1,155,000 at a 2007 auction.

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