Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Jensen Interceptor Mk III Convertible (1974-76)

Introduced in 1974 with powered soft top. Mainly intended for the American market but also sold in Europe. Perhaps the most glamorous and prestigious model in the long line of Interceptor variants. Only 509 (not 267 as some sources report) Convertibles were made. Today, the Convertible is probably the most prized and desired of all cars made by the Jensen concern. Regrettably, RHD Convertibles are extremely rare.

The Convertible design was so popular that some Interceptor III Sports Saloons were returned to the factory by owners in the United States for conversion to the new convertible body style. At least two such returns are documented. Over the years, the residual Jensen organizations in Britain have carried out more Convertible conversions, as have some private owners, with varying degrees of success, to the point where there are probably about a dozen of them in existence today.

Eventually, the full wood dashboard, first tried on the Convertible in 1974, found its way onto LHD cars as a standard inclusion early in 1975, the first example being sent to the West German auto show that year. A little later, the wooden dash was offered on the RHDs. Then Jensen boss Kjell Qvale was convinced that Interceptors needed this glamorous treatment to compete at the top end of the market. The range of paint colours used was mostly of sober hue with white, silver, brown and blue being the main colours. the factory never painted any of its Convertibles bright red. The Convertible’s hood fabric was available in a choice of colours to match or complement the paint, with the headlining choice of either Fawn or Mushroom. The leather trimming range reflected that of the standard Interceptor Sports Saloon.

The convertibles shared the same basic mechanical specification as the saloon: the proven drivetrain of the 440ci Chrysler V8 with TorqueFlite automatic transmission, but there were some variations to the options and detailing lists. (

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