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Iso Grifo Series 1 (1965-70)

Iso S.p.A. in Bresso was already well known for producing the extremely well built and fast Iso Rivolta IR300; a sleek looking 2+2 Coupe. After leaving Ferrari, car engineer Giotto Bizzarrini designed the Iso Grifo A3/L concept in 1963 for the owner of Iso, Renzo Rivolta, who was looking for a follow-up to the Iso Rivolta IR300. The body was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro at Bertone, while Bizzarrini put his expertise in the mechanicals. While Renzo Rivolta focused on the Grifo A3/L, Bizzarrini tried to promote the competition model A3/C, making for some tension between the two. Finally in 1965 Bizzarrini and Rivolta split ways. 

Before actual production at Iso, the Grifo A3/L concept got a light facelift that made it less aggressive but turned it into possibly the most elegant-looking Gran Turismo (GT) supercar ever produced. This “street” Iso Grifo GL received the fast, modified but reliable Chevrolet Corvette’s 327 V8 (5.4 L) engine. The car developed 390 hp (290 kW) in its production form and could reach 110 km/h (68 mph) in first gear. The vehicle was able to reach speeds over 275 km/h (171 mph).

The production of Iso Grifo GL started in 1965. In October 1966 the very first Grifo (car #97) with Targa Top was shown at the Turin Motor Show. Thirteen Series 1 Targas were ever built; later, four Series 2 Targas were built. 

In 1968 the Grifo 7 Litri was introduced with a Chevrolet L71 big-block engine, a Tri-Power version of the 427 engine. This 7-liter power plant required changes to the car to fit, and a hood scoop was needed because of the engine's height. Thus nicknamed "The Penthouse". It produced 435 hp (324 kW) at 5800 rpm. Its performance figures were amazing: between 265 and 300 km/h (165 – 185 MPH) depending on the rear axle ratio, from 0 to 100 km/h (0-62 mph), with the lowest ratio, in just 4.5 seconds!

In 1970 a styling change was made to the nose section of the car for the Grifo Series 2.

In total, 322 Series 1 and 78 Series 2 cars were built for a total of 413 Grifos, 90 of which 7 Litri. All Grifos are desirable because of their rarity. (wikipedia & petrolicious.com)

Grifo 7 Litri 

Introduced in 1966. Powered by a Chevrolet L71 big-block engine, 
a Tri-Power version of the 427 engine producing 435 hp. 
Between Series 1 and 2 Iso Grifos, only 90 7-Litris were ever built. 

Iso Grifo Pavesi Sunroof Version

There was a demand for an open version of the Grifo and together with 
Pavesi of Milano Iso developed a large sunroof which you could take out 
in two pieces and store in the trunk. This option was available from may 1966.
Only 6 of these split sunroof versions were made.

1966 Iso Grifo Targa Concept

Eventually in October 1966 the very first Grifo (car #97) with Targa Top was shown 
at the Turin Motor Show. It was painted in bright orange with stainless steel roof panels. 
A strange option on the Targa was a plastic foldable rear window. 
(home.tiscali.nl/isorivolta/isogrifo.htm & wikipedia)

Iso Grifo Series 1 Targas

Only 13 ever built.

(Photos from concveptcarz.com, supercars.net, sucksqueezebangblow.com, 
classiccarsmagazine.co.uk, petrolicious.com, mycarquest.com, yo.spc.free.fr & autojunk.nl)

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