Sunday, July 13, 2014

1971 Lancia Stratos HF Prototype

Painted in a striking DayGlo fluorescent red, this one-off Lancia Stratos Prototype (chassis 1240) debuted at the 1971 Turin Motor Show a year after a very different Bertone Stratos styling exercise, the Stratos Zero concept, had first been shown to the public. 

Designed by Bertone’s designer Marcello Gandini. This project was done independent of Lancia by the legendary design-studio, Bertone, and constructed from parts off a used Lancia Fulvia. The wedge-shaped exterior bodyshell was made of a light-weight fiberglass and has an overall height of just-over 42-inches. Bertone finally fitted the Stratos with a stock Ferrari 2.5L Dino V6 engine and began full production of the Lancia Stratos rally car. 

Production of the Stratos lasted from 1973 through 1978 with 492 examples of the Stratos HF Stradale (to homologated the model for the 1974 World Rally Championship season), and 50 examples of the Stratos HF competition rally cars built. The racing version of the Stratos were given a heavily-modified engine which raised the base 190 bhp to 280 bhp. The body was modified to distinguish it from its road-going sibling. (

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