Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Aston Martin Cygnet (2011-13)

The Cygnet, which was never offered in the U.S., is an upgraded version of the Toyota iQ—badged as a Scion in North America. Its modifications consisted of adorning iQ bodies with styling elements resembling Aston Martin’s high-priced sports cars, and lavishly fitting interiors with leather and faux suede. The operation in Gaydon made no changes to the somewhat-lethargic powertrain of the iQ. Powered by a 97 bhp 1.3L straight-4 engine. A standard Cygnet would have retailed at £30,995 with some special editions topping £39,995, almost three times as much as an equivalent top of the range iQ, which weighs in at £13,995. Only 150 Cygnets were sold before production ceased in 2013. (


Aston offered two limited-edition configurations. The Cygnet Launch Edition White wears snow white paint, chrome accents, and diamond alloy wheels. The interior sports white leather upholstery and satin chrome accent pieces. The Launch Edition Black, on the other hand, is finished in black paint with black leather covering the seats and dashboard upholstery, dark chrome trim pieces, and black Aston Martin badges. The special editions come with a bespoke Bill Amberg leather luggage set. (


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