Sunday, October 20, 2013

1993 Ferrari FZ93 Zagato

To celebrate the return of legendary designer Ercole Spada to Zagato after more than two decades away, Zagato embarked on a particularly ambitious project; re-bodying the highly acclaimed Ferrari Testarossa. Known as the Formula Zagato 1993 (FZ93), the new project served both as a styling exercise and a showcase of the latest technology. The major inspiration was contemporary Formula 1 design. The most obvious cue was the F1 style raised nose that was incorporated in the front deck. Powered by the Testarossa's 4.9 litre Ferrari Colombo flat-12 engine, with an output of 428 hp.

The FZ93 originally featured a two-tone finish of red with dark-grey (carbon fibre) flanks. A sophisticated front bumper that also doubled as part of the wheel-arches. Like many of the company's most famous designs, the FZ93 was topped off by the 'double bubble' roof. After its debut at the 1993 Geneva Motor Show, the car was resprayed to Ferrari's familiar red. Only the front and rear bumpers, the sills and part of the rear deck were left in unpainted carbon fibre. In honour of its creator, the car was relaunched as the Ferrari ES1. The model would be the main inspiration for the Ferrari Enzo 10 years later. In 2010, the one-off machine was offered for a staggering 1 Million Euro by a German dealer. ( &

Original paint scheme of the Ferrari FZ93 Zagato  

Factory version of the Ferrari Testarossa

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